Do you have loose-fitting or Uncomfortable Dentures?
Do you hate Denture Adhesive?
Are you embarrassed by your smile?
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Citrus Heights Dental
6994 Sunrise Blvd.
Citrus Heights, CA 95610

Sacramento Wellness Dentistry
8759 Center Parkway
Sacramento, CA 95823
The Smile Doctor
3000 L St., STE #104
Sacramento, CA 95816

5 Types of Dentures

Dentures available today are generally one of the following five types, and each has a different price point.

Economy Dentures: Economy dentures are designed to be inexpensive, sacrificing both fit and appearance for a lower cost. Because they are not highly customized and can be completed quickly, they are often sold as “dentures in a day.” We make them as a temporary or interim solution while preparing your mouth for permanent restoration.

Traditional Dentures: Traditional dentures are the most commonly used denture by general dentists. They typically fit okay and look okay, but they often lack in functionality. Not only can they slip and click during talking and eating, but they do not stimulate the jawbone like natural teeth resulting in loss of bone mass. Perhaps most bothersome to patients is the lack of denture stability and the need for a large quantity of denture glue.

Deluxe Dentures: Deluxe dentures are a much better choice than traditional dentures. We utilize our more than 100 years of combined experience and expertise to produce high-quality dentures. With use of personalized, high-quality denture teeth and acrylic characterization we achieve superior cosmetic results. This results in very stable, natural-fitting, comfortable dentures that allow you to again enjoy your favorite foods like steak, apples, or corn on the cob.

Implant Supported Dentures: Dental implants are not a new technique, and have improved greatly in recent years. The procedure involves placing a dental implant into the jaw bone to which the denture is attached. Depending on your situation and desire, several methods and techniques can be used to achieve the best result.

Rejuvenating Dentures

This is the type of denture we feel most comfortable offering to our patients. This process involves the use of specialized computer imaging and other equipment, materials, knowledge, and techniques. There are only a handful of doctors in California familiar with, or able to produce, these types of dentures. Although they are more expensive — the superior fit, function, and aesthetics are worth the additional cost. The results may even make people think that you’ve had facelift! Nobody will notice that you have dentures. We promise.

More About Rejuvenating Dentures

Comfort and Confidence​

Are you fed up with dentures that look like false teeth? Are you embarrassed by your smile? We can help.

Tested Principles Meet Modern Design​

Our dentures provide maximum facial support, sometimes making our patients look 20 years younger.

Guaranteed Dentures You'll Love

Perfect fit every time! We guarantee it! Our dentures offer a natural, stable, beautiful smile. Give us a try today.

The “Fountain of Youth” for denture wearers

Although they are more expensive than traditional dentures (but less expensive than implant dentures), the superior fit, function, and aesthetics are worth the additional cost. The results may even make people think that you’ve had a facelift!

Are you fed up with dentures that look like false teeth?

Are you embarrassed by your smile?

Are you looking for a solution for missing teeth that makes your smile look great while being comfortable and affordable?

Our dentures provide maximum facial support sometimes making our patients look 20 years younger.

Not only that, many patients fitted with our dentures can eat more of the foods they enjoy without any problem at all.

All of our denture patients considered the time and expense of getting fitted with our dentures to be a great investment to their overall health and how they feel about themselves.

Give yourself the chance to bite, smile, and laugh every day with the freedom and confidence you deserve.

Tested Principles
Meet Modern Design

Our dentures are based on principles developed over fifty years ago making this a time-proven method. Modern instrument technology, materials, and aesthetic art combine to produce dentures that are truly superior.
There is no need for you to suffer the discomfort or embarrassment of poorly functioning or ill-fitting dentures.

As one patient (with a big smile) said the day after receiving her new perfect fit dentures, “I ate steak last night for the first time in ages!”

The best care is on your side


We have more than 100 years of combined experience in making quality, functional, and comfortable dentures.


It is very important for our dental technicians to see your face and how your dentures fit in your mouth during denture production. We have a denture lab here in our dental practice to make sure we can make necessary adjustments right away ensuring a comfortable, natural, perfect fit.


Perfect fit every time! We guarantee it! Our dentures offer comfort and confidence. Give us a try today!

Focused Care

When you come in for your complimentary consultation we will spend a great deal of time with you to determine the best denture solution for you.

Personal Improvement

Eat comfortably, improve your appearance and most importantly, smile big with our innovative dental solutions.

Art & Science

Establishing bite and denture function are based on scientific, computer-aided diagnosis. Then comes the aesthetic art of finalizing your denture design.

Our patients say

Some of our happy patients share their experiences
I had a very pleasant experience with all of the staff and Doctor. Everything was clear and precise. I'm super happy to have found this dentistry practice.
Beautiful Rosemary
20:24 20 Mar 23
Best dental care I've ever received!
Judith Kluz
00:25 18 Mar 23
The staff here goes above and beyond to help you and make you feel comfortable!!! I can’t express enough how grateful I am for this dental office all around amazing experience
Anna Denny
17:24 15 Mar 23
The staff here have always been friendly when I’ve been there. They take time to explain everything, answer questions and I’ve had nothing but a good experience here. Thankful for their payment options so I can get care I need without going broke.
The Doctor Of Machines
01:14 11 Mar 23
Great and friendly staff.
Carla Hanlon
02:32 08 Mar 23
jay runion
20:22 28 Feb 23
Please understand I am one of those patients who is paranoid of going to the dentist. When I met Dr. Bath at Wellness Dentistry, she helped calm my fears with her kindness and calming sense of humor. But most importantly she is EXCELLENT and KNOWLEDGEABLE in her craft.!!!To date I have had extractions and two implants with minimal pain! I am so thankful and blessed to have found her! I'm still  uncomfortable going to the dentist, but Dr. Bath at Wellness Dentistry in Sacramento makes it easier for me to go!
Joyce Alley
01:34 28 Feb 23
Very responsive and flexible appointment scheduling. DR Soto is great! Very friendly and accommodating staff.
Justin Drake
20:54 27 Feb 23
Shout out to Dr Will gave me shots that I didn’t feel PAIN on really made getting a root canal easy. Thanking the whole office as well awesome service ❤️‍🔥Ty Dr Will.
Very nice and informative staff!
Julie Chan
19:45 21 Feb 23
The staff in reception are welcoming, kind and helpful. The entire dental staff who are working with the patients are friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. I am pleased to go to the dentist because I know that I will be well cared for.
16:01 21 Feb 23
Renee Azevedo
20:19 17 Feb 23
19:48 17 Feb 23
The team was professional.
Sharon M. Wheeler
19:06 17 Feb 23
Excellent care and service!
Meg Crow
20:42 16 Feb 23
The staff is excellent. Espically Amanda Williams. She goes the extra mile for you
gary williams
02:07 16 Feb 23
I went in needing a root canal. Best dental office ever! Procedure was completely painless and scheduling was quick and easy. Definitely coming back for all my dental emergencies.
briana alvarado
23:55 14 Feb 23
The team was professional and caring to my needs
Amalia Ramos
20:32 13 Feb 23
Boomer Janoska
02:31 12 Feb 23
They made every effort to get me in to see a Dr quickly, for my dental emergency. I'll definitely be seeing them for my dental needs!
00:59 11 Feb 23
Ana Sparks
06:08 10 Feb 23
Great DDS & Hygienist!!
Cyndy Maroney
00:46 09 Feb 23
I so glad I found this dentist.
Rita Hay
21:32 08 Feb 23
Analyn Shera
23:11 07 Feb 23
Jan Mari
20:04 07 Feb 23
Shane McNabb
19:51 07 Feb 23
Veronica Blevins
22:03 04 Feb 23
Jaime Guevara
22:33 03 Feb 23
Dr Rika 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿✅️✅️😎
Tony Osborne
20:39 03 Feb 23
Update. I had my cleaning with Zinnia, the hygienist. She was so thorough and cleaned up my teeth nicely!I had a very good experience at this office. Dr. Will was great and so was his assistant Alex. Their customer service skills are TOP NOTCH! Highly recommend them!
Yury Holin
17:49 03 Feb 23
Chris Perales
01:18 03 Feb 23
Everyone was very nice. Office was very clean. I plan to have extensive dental work done and I am very comfortable letting them do my dental work.
Jeanette Morgan
21:49 02 Feb 23
Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Always willingly to answer questions asked.
gary harris
23:27 01 Feb 23
Clean, professional, informative and genuinely care about the health of your teeth, gums and oral hygiene.
Sarah Morris
00:12 31 Jan 23
It was a rough start at first. I feel like the orthodontist and staff do listen to concerns and try to improve. I’ve been very happy with the process and my teeth are looking amazing.It has gotten rough again. I am not an expert, they bring me in at the wrong times then tell me they’ll call me in January. They didn’t the entire month and when I finally did they said I needed to follow up with my dentist for what I should do next. I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to tell my dentist because the orthodontist is always rushed and talks fast I don’t really understand what he means half the time or what he actually wants to do concretely. He really should send you with discharge notes if it’s going to be involved in what you should do next.
Nicole Delorefice
21:38 30 Jan 23
I took my 15 year old grandson here for braces. The staff are wonderful and knowledgeable professionals. You instantly feel very much at ease. My grandson said he felt extremely comfortable being there as if he had been going to this dental office all his life. Their prices are reasonable and fair and they work with you on the financing.
linda severance
11:37 29 Jan 23
Another wonderful visit today!Kind & professional goes along way! I lost a crown and they were able to get me in right away . I cannot say thank you enough! Just wished I’d visited this office a long time ago. Wonderful staff, each & everyone of you!❤️
Mary L Hodkin
23:05 28 Jan 23
Got a last minute appointment for a cracked filling. They were professional and surprisingly cheap. I had to pay cash and I left with x-rays and a filling done for under 300.00. If I had insurance I would go somewhere else but in a pinch this place is okay.
Monique Cole
20:26 28 Jan 23
The staff are always very friendly. I am very happy to be one of their patients.
Linda Lawson
00:45 28 Jan 23
I had a crown done by them and am very satisfied. I like the diversity of the people working there.They charges are reasonable and they are good about paying in installments. I highly recommend their services.Alan G
Alan Gottlieb
00:21 28 Jan 23
The staff here is very friendly and professional. Dr. Bath is very caring and she was gentle with my teeth throughout the entire process. I am extremely happy with the services and care that I have received. I highly recommend this office.
Mary Vo
22:32 27 Jan 23
Citrus Heights Dental provides the most innovative dental services with the highest standards of the personalized care. Thank you. Dmitriy
21:03 27 Jan 23
Very courteous and professional. Treatment plans explained very well.Thank you for your understanding with dementia patient.
Richard Solander
01:29 27 Jan 23
Mark Austin
21:30 26 Jan 23
Very nice office and I really like the office workers, staff and Doctor. Can't wait to get my implants.Thank You so much.
Maria Villalpando
21:02 26 Jan 23
Very friendly staff and no problems finding parking at the office, a very clean facility no issues with getting an appointment .
raul vasquez
00:11 26 Jan 23
Made an appointment for the same day they did a root canal. They got it done fast ( amazing they fit me in). I bit the dentist twice on accident and he still did it quick and effortlessly and with a smile. This place is great for emergencies.
Lillian Beaner
03:43 25 Jan 23
exceptional service,, Very professional and I have recommend friends and family
John Villanueva
20:33 24 Jan 23
At my age, I've seen my share of dentists. I've been with CHD for approx 15 years now, if not more. Dr. Will did the job of an oral surgeon. Anything he's worked on me has been a success. Very happy with CHD and absolutely in awe at the talent and experience of Dr. Will. Thank you everyone
Anoud Zaki
22:35 21 Jan 23
I was taken in promptly and the dental hygienist was gentle and seemed caring.
Jeanne Reed
00:53 21 Jan 23
Great place and they do good cleaning dental
Samuel fonseca
04:11 20 Jan 23
It was THE most pleasant experience meeting the team
Robert Brawley
03:59 20 Jan 23
The staff at your facility are AWESOME! Very personable and caring… all three of us sisters go there!
Sherri Ryan
20:03 19 Jan 23
Paul Hawkins
00:07 19 Jan 23
I haven’t been to the dentist for years and for good reason - I don ‘t like the pain. The pain was way less than I expected and the people were way nicer than I expected. The price was less than I expected. If you got to go to the dentist, go here.
Bart Porter
21:03 17 Jan 23
Great service!!!!
Nina Martinez
04:18 17 Jan 23
The very BEST Dental Experience Ever!! Thank you for allowing me the privilege of being your patient.
Heaven Sent
02:05 15 Jan 23
Sarah Williams
18:56 14 Jan 23
Randi Lamkins
21:50 13 Jan 23
Amar Kaur
07:12 13 Jan 23
Awesome staff and doctors, my experience; They treated me like a vintage ferrari 5 star!
Mark Cadena
04:32 12 Jan 23
Staff is very friendly and personable.
Michelle Bauer
02:16 10 Jan 23
22:05 09 Jan 23
Caitlin Hartsell
06:45 07 Jan 23
Been going here for many years. Very professional and great front office!
Lynore Flatt
03:23 06 Jan 23
The staff and doctors have been great and friendly.
jack Jazi
00:55 06 Jan 23
Wonderful staff, caring and understanding. Excellent, hygienist does a great job!
Konny Thomas
20:03 05 Jan 23
Daniel Reyes
02:37 04 Jan 23
Customer Service is The BEST!
Barbara Browning
00:02 04 Jan 23
Great experience
Gregory Smith
02:50 30 Dec 22
Steve Crow
22:33 29 Dec 22
The staff are very professional friendly and courteous. I recommend this dental office if you're looking for one
Lydia Dizon
01:00 29 Dec 22
Everyone that works there is very kind. I have a lot of anxiety surrounding the dentist's office, and they were very understanding of my worries. They were highly accommodating to my needs as well.
Autumn Collins
22:49 28 Dec 22
Very professional staff ann the Dr. Really made me feel safe and comfortable
Sonya Murray
21:48 28 Dec 22
Maria Richardson
20:31 28 Dec 22
Awesome dental office! Was able to get me in on short notice on Christmas Eve!!
Trevor Totten
19:09 25 Dec 22
I never really liked going to the dentist but I actually look forward to my appointments the staff is really genuine and welcoming the dental assistants take good care of you and the dentist really makes sure that your comfortable before a procedure and always explains the why and how's of what she is doing
Allison Bencosky
22:02 24 Dec 22
Misael Santos
03:31 23 Dec 22
Wonderful people and my teeth cleaning is so good I travel there for it!This is the place to go for all your dental needs!!!!
Dove Place
15:23 22 Dec 22
They are great. I have no complaints.
Mark Copeland
12:51 22 Dec 22
Fast and courteous I'll always go back
Deana Fallis
00:06 21 Dec 22
You guys are so amazing!!! Thanks so much for such amazing service and compassion to your patients !!! This place will not rip you off either which is a huge perk!! They truly care about you and your needs!! I will always recommend them!!! Yana is my favorite person - she’s is so sweet and always goes out of her way to assist you.
Jessica B Sanchez
02:02 18 Dec 22
They won me over by automatically showing me the most affordable paths in terms of the work I need done without me having to drag it out of them and that is not only refreshing to experience but also extremely appreciated. I'm looking forward to future appointments with this office! Thank you!
Sheryl Hatz
23:27 17 Dec 22
Ludmila Timoshek
19:35 16 Dec 22
Mia Villegas
03:06 16 Dec 22
Great staff
Markie Str88up
19:07 15 Dec 22
Great staff. Gentle dentist and support staff. After MANY dentists, I am happy I find them!
Leah Stoker
22:04 13 Dec 22
Lewis Amos
22:42 12 Dec 22
My experiences have been very positive and I have always experienced a welcoming environment with each visit.Professional and nerve relaxing experience!Thanks!
01:25 11 Dec 22
I am a diabetic and had a low blood sugar incident at the office. The staff had snacks on hand which they gave me, solving a potentially serious situation. This office has always been good, but this was over and above. Thank you.
Dana Starr
00:55 10 Dec 22
raechel brophy
00:42 10 Dec 22
Everything was flawless. Thank you guys.
Gregory Chikanov
23:41 09 Dec 22
Amazing front desk ladies, all the staff is helpful. Hygienists are great and gentle, always offer to stop if needed but I’ve never had to ask because they aren’t rough or in a hurry. And the dentists I’ve seen here have been knowledgeable and friendly. Can’t imagine going anywhere else.
Amberly Hunter
19:47 09 Dec 22
They are great people.
Teri Gedecke
21:12 08 Dec 22
The team they have are amazingly awesome, they answer all questions and concerns you may have, they work with you to find what's best for each client!!!!
sara Monee
09:10 08 Dec 22
Wonderful customer service. The staff is very welcoming and might I say great at what they do.
Maria Vasquez-Williams
20:33 07 Dec 22
Everyone at the business was very nice and professional. They answered all my questions and gave me a detailed summary of my condition and I appreciate that fully. I would highly recommend Citrus Heights dental.
Leland Clark
23:01 05 Dec 22
Best staff and dr office I’ve ever had (I’ve had a few!). Will stay here as long as I live here!
Danise Dowdin
00:36 04 Dec 22
They’re fast and efficient. Did an awesome job on my deep cleaning. I would highly recommend them to any of family and friends.
T TheSweatGuy
01:50 01 Dec 22
The staff and doctor are super friendly and always concerned about making sure everything is perfect with my dad before he leaves the chair.
Connie Williams
00:33 01 Dec 22
I love the people in the office. The work that has been done is great. I can't wait to get it finished.
Bonnie Durda
01:32 29 Nov 22
Got me in immediately, very professional and courteous staff from receptionist to the Dentist. Felt cared for, comfortable, and safe.
Christina Hammons
20:19 28 Nov 22
Excellent service! Would highly recommend.
Vidal Velez
20:24 25 Nov 22
Lavern Carson
17:50 25 Nov 22
Such a wonderfully kind staff! From the receptionists to the doctors everyone is so caring. I got an emergency appointment and they took great care of me even with no insurance! Payment plans are affordable and easy. Thank you Citrus Heights Dental!
Janea Veneroni
03:48 24 Nov 22
Outstanding service. Appointments are scheduled in a matter of days rather than weeks or months. The facility was clean warm and inviting. The staff was friendly professional knowledgeable. I could not have picked a better place to have my dental work done
Barbara Wood
00:26 24 Nov 22
Regina Isabel K'Burg
22:29 22 Nov 22
Short to no wait, Super friendly staff. I really like the doctor, she exudes confidence which I appreciate. Very nice office! Will definitely be back. Thanks to all.
Brian Luchini
19:43 22 Nov 22
They are very very polite and sweet. Explain everything loved the professionalism there.and down to earth people.
Leslie Taylor
01:16 22 Nov 22
Sacramento Wellness Dentistry goes above & beyond for their patients. I'd given up hope in having a beautiful smile again, but thanks to them I can smile again without being embarrassed. They truly changed my life, & I Love my new smile! Thankyou........
Stacey Buckley
15:23 21 Nov 22
My heros!! I broke a tooth Sat before Thanksgiving, they were able to squeeze me in, talked me through everything and get me set until I could come back in for a crown. They were so nice, calming, and gave me the best experience. 👌
Rachael D. (rlbell6)
22:04 19 Nov 22
Cheryl Meakin
03:25 18 Nov 22
Kim Bennett
02:39 17 Nov 22
Icela Ramirez
01:10 17 Nov 22
Great Dentist, amazing helpful staff 😄
Kayla Nicholson
02:06 16 Nov 22
Joan Cristescu
23:40 14 Nov 22
Was worried about one of my teeth being sensitive after getting it filled, they fit me in same day to see the dentist. Very compassionate and gave me some after care supplies to use at home.
Meghan B
23:19 14 Nov 22
I was greeted and treated so well I felt like royalty. All the girls and Dr Deju we’re so polite, knowledgeable, efficient and most of all friendly. The office is spotless and well maintained. I look forward to my future visits.
Jane Poliseno
01:42 13 Nov 22
Friendly professional staff
Don Nelson
18:26 12 Nov 22
Ana Dorj
16:25 11 Nov 22
The office is helping me throughGetting a full set of dentures.
Rhonda Mohr
07:59 11 Nov 22
Nebiyu Hund
18:37 10 Nov 22
Amazing staff from the start, everyone I met from start to finish of my appointment were great, professional and very caring of my feelings and how I was doing. I would highly recommend Citrus Heights dental👏😀
Sandra Ross
04:53 10 Nov 22
Great experience as dental visits go. Nice staff! I can recommend for anyone looking for dental care.
Marjorie Kaye
02:29 09 Nov 22
Liliya Polskiy
02:21 09 Nov 22
They where very professional.
Victor Khoklan
19:40 08 Nov 22
Expert dental care in a beautiful office filled with friendly staff. Highly recommend this business.
Marilyn Ranson
19:35 08 Nov 22
23:31 05 Nov 22
Kristen Angelini
20:21 05 Nov 22
Susan Brown
01:31 05 Nov 22
They're no nice here! First time patient, they got me in on the same day I called to replace my crown that fell out. They helped me figure out what my insurance would cover and did not pressure me into anything I didn't want/ or couldnt afford to do. They were very understanding of my budget. They were very friendly and I felt very welcome here! Would recommend to friends and family!
Tc R
22:43 04 Nov 22
Dax Velarde
19:53 04 Nov 22
Had such a great experience. Staff is so friendly and professional. Doctors explain everything in detail. Would highly recommend Citrus Heights Dental.
Stephany Perales
19:28 03 Nov 22
The staff is extremely friendly and attentive. With their mostly in house services, their turn around time is unbeatable. They are excellent with providing options for payment. I would definitely refer my family and friends to this office.
tracy edwardsshirley
15:31 01 Nov 22
Everyone made me feel very comfortable! I highly recommend it! I just have to add that everyone is extremely friendly!I’m adding to my post from many years ago…Besides the continued friendliness and professionalism, I’ve experience no issues with discomfort or pain! I live in Sacramento, but I don’t mind traveling to Citrus Heights in ordered to be treated with gentle denistry! I so love CHD!
Alexia Gotwalt
02:01 01 Nov 22
I am so pleased with my interaction with The Smile Doctor. From setting the appointment online, receiving a return call less than an hour. To having same-day service as well as taking my insurance and having an affordable co-pay. I would like them to be my primary dentist from here on out. Beyond grateful thanks again.-Roslyn C.Curator of @downtownsacramento
Rahzzi Sutra
23:19 26 Oct 22
I have been happy with my dental care by CHD. The one thing I don’t like is theCalculator Receipt rather than an Itemized Invoice when I pay my bill(4 stars rather than 5).I appreciate the office staff, they are always friendly, professional and helpful.
Janet kemple
18:26 26 Oct 22
sharee` Wooten
03:17 25 Oct 22
Chea Cheng
20:37 24 Oct 22
I like this office a lot. Everyone is friendly. The staff is easy to talk to about insurance questions. I just had my first root canal. It was quick and basically painless. I appreciate that they offer Saturday appointments.
Samantha Ard
01:29 23 Oct 22
Friendly and professional. Very helpful advice.
Barbara James
17:17 20 Oct 22
I was at ease very much afraid of going to the denist and they made me feel good and I would go back to finsh what I need done
wanda collins
01:12 20 Oct 22
Nice friendly staff who does excellent dental work.
01:02 20 Oct 22
Had a pleasant experience, everyone was very nice.
Rachel Toledo
22:46 19 Oct 22
Very careful work, highly competent, informative, and friendly.
Dawn E Whitney
20:17 19 Oct 22
Stephanie Eich
18:08 18 Oct 22
Friendly staff
James Lenh
23:51 15 Oct 22
Debbie Benson
21:17 15 Oct 22
Linda Santos
01:53 15 Oct 22
Dar E
01:02 15 Oct 22
Honestly the most informative and nicest people I have met, highly recommend!
Joseph Holmberg
20:36 12 Oct 22
Celeste Moreno
17:42 09 Oct 22
Had my first visit recently. I was impressed by their customer service and professionalism from beginning to the end. Most importantly, the level of skills I witnessed and experienced made me feel comfortable. No blood pressure medication needed here!Thank you. Wish I would’ve started coming here sooner.
A Nguyen
22:23 05 Oct 22
I found the staff professional and the Dentist simply Lovely
Audrey Reese Johnson
17:45 05 Oct 22
I love this place. Affordable and the staff was very knowledgeable. I understood what I needed done and appreciate the pricing too.
Araya Smiff
01:55 05 Oct 22
I have been going here for a few years and I have never had better dental care. Everyone is super nice and knows exactly what they are doing there. I will never go anywhere else. I'm glad I finally found a dentist I can trust!
Jessica Lograsso
05:37 28 Sep 22
Gary Leuenberger
02:10 28 Sep 22
I came in for exam and cleaning , Jay is amazing hygienist , i had different hygienist through the years but he is the best i ever had , very gentle , detailed, explained everything , what he does and why !!!! Dr Bath very knowledgeable , good energy , recommended only what i need nothing extra just to charge more !!!! WILL RECOMMEND TO EVERYBODY Left with smile on my face even dough i am not a fan of dentist
SWD Info
23:55 26 Sep 22
Shye Marshall
22:44 26 Sep 22
mytrang Ng
22:44 20 Sep 22
We were welcomed in and everyone had great customer service. The hygienist and dentist were great with my girls and made them feel comfortable. Thank you! 🙏
Guadalupe Jaimez
22:22 20 Sep 22
Anna Melnychuk
17:42 19 Sep 22
I put in a request for an emergency dental service online and within minutes they called me back. After about 5 minutes on the phone they had me come to the office. They were friendly, caring and did not rush. They were able to get my sore tooth out the same day. From start to finish for a tooth extraction I was there for a hour and a half. It was awesome!!
Nicole Lopez
20:51 16 Sep 22
Asif Shera
23:53 14 Sep 22
Dalise Gada
18:48 14 Sep 22
The staff is very nice and helpful, and the dentist informed me of everything before doing it. I will be coming back here again.
Johnny Golden
18:40 14 Sep 22
This office is GREAT!! I've been going to this office for 5 years now and they have always taken care of me and my family Thank you!
Vanesa Pimental
21:00 13 Sep 22
Had me in the dentist chair 15 minutes after calling the office. 15 minutes later they had x-rays done and the doctor knew exactly what was wrong. Only $70 for a visit with x-rays. Gave me a prescription for norcose and antibiotics. Was in extreme pain when I called and feel better two hours later.
Matt Gillum
01:04 07 Sep 22
First I would like to thank you for the good care and service. I'm more than satisfied with the good care. I like to thank your staff for the good customer service and the information provided for my mom dental treatment thanks keep the good work
Mercedes M.
19:31 06 Sep 22
Robin Fong
22:18 02 Sep 22
I will never go anywhere else for my Dental work. This entire office is nothing short of Amazing. From the Office Manager to the Dr. Everybody here is Awesome. Thank you all for all the hard work you have put into making me smile
Daniel Beckham
21:29 31 Aug 22
Cindy Slensker
21:09 31 Aug 22
George Preciado
19:46 30 Aug 22
Kam And Ash
02:47 24 Aug 22
04:22 23 Aug 22
A family member referred me and I am impressed with their dental care. Explore this place with confidence ang you will be pleased.
Rudolph Ramos
20:46 20 Aug 22
Great place Great people 11/10 job
00:16 19 Aug 22
Shirley Sahami
21:28 16 Aug 22
Very nice people, very quick in and out
April Hunter
21:18 10 Aug 22
Great service. My teeth look AMAZING!
Jennifer R
18:31 05 Aug 22
They really help me out a lot especially Lina out the front desk. Will definitely come back
Jaelen Alexander
18:19 03 Aug 22
The dental hygienist Rheana was very experience hygienist
Tony Bico
03:54 03 Aug 22
Wellness, is a great place for your dental needs. The staff is very friendly and attentive to their patients needs. It is a pleasure being a patient at Wellness Dentistry.
Tressa Olden
01:48 03 Aug 22
Katie Smith
21:50 01 Aug 22
Friendly, clean and detailed staff.Doc took the time to explain what we were seeing in the pictures taken during my exam and what needs to be done moving forward. the front desk staff answered all my questions for what I needed. Was seen quickly after completing paperwork.Happy with the service
22:40 29 Jul 22
Very gentle and I felt they really cared about my comfort level
Jamie Hill
22:02 27 Jul 22
Salina Thao
20:30 16 Jul 22
Best dentistry I’ve been to in years Definitely would recommend for anyone seeking a dentist go there you will not be disappointed.
Rosetta Underwoods
22:35 14 Jul 22
The entire office is very polite and professional. I usually have issues with the ex-rays and the tech was very quick and made the experience no so unpleasant. Will likely bring my family here.
Sean Maylum
17:35 13 Jul 22
Wesley Ellinghouse
20:39 11 Jul 22
Went for an exam and a cracked tooth. Both the hygienist and Dr. Soto were friendly, knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly. Highly recommend! !
Lisa Frost
01:03 09 Jul 22
Camisha Pickett
00:58 25 Jun 22
Office is in an easy to find location. Everyone is professional and friendly. Thank you for treating my brother, who has some special needs, so we'll. We are so happy to have found Sacramento Wellness Dentistry.
Lisa Garcia
22:20 21 Jun 22
The smile doctor is a awesome place! The girls in the front desk are very sweet and helpful. The doctor is very nice & easy to talk to.... All the girls that help in the back with the x-rays, cleaning the teeth etc. are awesome people!! There a great team! 👍
Lisa Palma
02:50 16 Jun 22
I love this place! They take care of you from the moment you walk in! Your teeth will be in good hands😁
Nah Sherman
21:16 08 Jun 22
Always friendly, and straight to the point in my dental care. Which makes decisions about treatment a whole lot easier. Highly recommend others to use their office. Staff is highly professional, very courteous, and friendly.I’ve been going here since 2018, and have not even thought about using somewhere else.
Chris Torix
22:56 27 May 22
I highly recommend this dentistry!
Jeramiah Mileham
21:35 17 May 22
Absolutely love this dentist they do such a good job, and I feel good every time I leave out of there. They have amazing employees and i appreciate them.
Macie Delaney
17:33 16 May 22
Went in for a last minute emergency as a new patient. Called and got in same day. The dentist was so nice and so caring. Took his time and made sure I was comfortable with everything going on. He really cares. His assistants were also so loving and welcoming. Will definitely be going back
Sarah Allen
16:33 12 May 22
Friendly, competence in all respects,, My thanks to all staff members, best regards from James Madewell
James Madewell
20:26 11 May 22
Great and clean dental office.Dentist and staff are nice and Professional. Very good with kids and family friendly. Love that I can bring my 3 kids at the same time. There's also free keriug coffee and water in the lobby. Wait time is reasonable as they don't overbook.
Gina Lee
19:32 11 May 22
Evangelina costales
03:15 10 May 22
10/10 service from the office, dental assistants, and dentist herself! Love it there!
Based Q
00:03 05 May 22
Dr. Olga is the best!
Brian Bannister
19:35 02 May 22
Everything went smoothly, efficiently, and effectively.
Thomas Sklarsky
05:13 26 Apr 22
Armando Franco
21:08 25 Apr 22
Kokou Agbassekou
01:06 19 Apr 22
Linda Coleman
00:42 19 Apr 22
Heather Davey
01:02 14 Apr 22
Best dentist I’ve ever been to. Kind, efficient, explained everything they were doing. Highly recommend!
carissa elliott
21:13 12 Apr 22
Air Division
21:01 11 Apr 22
Janine anne Perez
18:05 07 Apr 22
I was in need of a emergency dentistAsapAnd I went online and found this placeRight away I get the best customer service and made sure I was in good handsWent In today to there downtown location and got the same awesome serviceThank you again
Ricardo Vega
22:37 06 Apr 22
I'm glad I found this place. Staff and dentist are very friendly and provide good service. As a new patient, I got my teeth X-rayed and cleaned less than an hour. The dental assistant, Jay, did a great job cleaning, applying floride, and polishing my teeth. I'll refer this place to my friends.
Leng Mut
21:59 06 Apr 22
Friendly,professional and courteous. Nice and clean office. Very comforting.
GeorgEda Wertman
21:17 01 Apr 22
20:32 29 Mar 22
D'Marcus Ross Ross
22:25 22 Mar 22
peggy leon
22:17 17 Mar 22
Belle Kem
19:37 17 Mar 22
Jason Masaoay
05:09 09 Mar 22
stephen dowdy
03:27 02 Mar 22
Joe Cochran
02:08 02 Mar 22
This dental office is full of fun and professional employees. They are so willing to help you with getting you the date and time that fits into your life. The dentist is very well educated and super nice. If you have trouble sleeping talk with this office they might be able to help.
Sandra Grizoffi
16:20 25 Feb 22
Rhinna Singh
16:02 25 Feb 22
Rob Miranda
02:03 23 Feb 22
Tricia Taylor
18:11 20 Feb 22
Great and excellent staff. I generally hate going to the dentist but i went to get my Invisalign. Today was my first day getting my trays on and the dentist was very thorough and patient with explaining how it works.It is pricey. Although it took three months for my trays to come in, i’m very happy with the service and excited to come back to keep working on my smile 🙂
Valerie X
01:27 18 Feb 22
Christian Coe
22:34 17 Feb 22
Kayako S
20:09 16 Feb 22
Khai Nguyen
00:43 16 Feb 22
The staff are awesome, Lisa and Malissa do a great job up front and all other staff: Dr's, RDA, and DA's are friendly and awesome. Just in case you guys don't know they love Seniorita bread 😊, so grab a 25 piece over at Starbread off Mack Rd and they'll definitely take care of you at Sacramento Wellness Dental.
Nacho Chips
20:27 14 Feb 22
Good very professional great people I would recommend the smile doctor too anyone 👍
Alfonso Q Casillas
00:58 10 Feb 22
Swaran Lata
20:39 08 Feb 22
Angie Anderson
01:42 08 Feb 22
I love my dental clinic . Keeps me smiling.
Laure Wilson
01:11 08 Feb 22
Awesome people
Betty Lopez
21:09 01 Feb 22
The staffs are extremely friendly. They are very flexible and willing to find time to resolve all your issues. Very professional with positive attitudes. A great first impression for me.
Zong Chang
19:32 31 Jan 22
Tajinder Ghera
00:18 26 Jan 22
Absolutely love the staff! The Dr is awesome. Going to the dentist sucks but they make it ok!!
Michelle DeWitt
00:52 25 Jan 22
David Fang
00:31 21 Jan 22
Always a great experience, the hole staff is just wonderful
Margaret Meraz
17:51 20 Jan 22
Liz Bowen
01:03 20 Jan 22
lou anderson
21:01 19 Jan 22
Sherry Belt
01:13 19 Jan 22
Anthony Goode
00:22 19 Jan 22
LaTanya Jackson
22:13 18 Jan 22
Stephen Smith
22:00 07 Jan 22
As someone who has a gag reflex and anxiety issues, today was wonderful I went in for my teeth cleaning and the hygienist I’m sorry I don’t know his name but was awesome I had no gag reflex at all he did a great job it was very professional. It also looked like he was actually looking at my x-rays while he was working on my teeth I don’t know if I’ve ever had that from another hygienist before Way to go!
Jon G
01:35 06 Jan 22
Noram Roce
00:41 05 Jan 22
Fit me in the same day. Got together a game plan. And took care of me. Found a way to make me feel better despite my earlier fears of dentists in general.Thank you !
Amy Nash
01:03 14 Dec 21
Great people.
John Miller
23:27 03 Dec 21
Brian Taylor
00:33 11 Nov 21
Tony Garcia
20:49 10 Nov 21
I have had very bad experiences at previous dentists they made me feel comfortable and explained my options to me. I would recommend them to all my friends.
Peggy Mosier
04:36 06 Nov 21
Sherill John
22:45 29 Oct 21
Kishab B
00:32 20 Oct 21
Great service, very friendly! Highly recommended.
Brian Saysongkham
00:32 20 Oct 21
I had a great experience. They offer a good service, and the staff is very nice and attentive. I would recommend.
ximena bravo
00:21 16 Oct 21
Everyone in the office was very kind to me and and they were very understanding when I told them that I suffer from dental phobia. They went out of their way to make me feel at ease and comfortable
janell d
05:52 14 Oct 21
jamie johnson
23:30 12 Oct 21
Wes Summers
19:51 04 Oct 21
Steven Berry
21:35 29 Sep 21
Anthony Lobue
20:32 27 Sep 21
Great place made me feel really comfortable
Kashmeer Singh
00:59 21 Sep 21
Super nice, very understanding of my dental anxiety. No upselling at all. The dentist just presented the facts and relative costs of different treatment, and let me decide. I was there for pain, not to make my teeth perfect, and he addressed that without judgement or trying to make me do extra treatments that aren’t necessary.
Jane Churchon
17:33 10 Sep 21
I Have removed my previous post I went to the Smile Doctor yesterday received excellent care the staff was very nice and they were very professional very friendly and I was very happy when they treated me so well after giving them the previous review. I am sorry for that review but sometimes pain can make you a little bit frustrated. 5 stars for the smile dr and his staff.
Lynne Joseph
17:03 17 Aug 21
I was gone from Smile Doctor for 3 years, for no insurance. but I returned because of the great service I received before, and when I came back I received a great welcome, hospitality , an excellent care from the office staff, the hygienist, and the doctor 😊 They are highly recommended
Andre Paige
23:06 11 Aug 21
This was my first time here and I have to say, they were soo nice and took good care of me. Compared to my last dental place that I went to.
Chaddy Vang
19:43 11 Aug 21
Super friendly staff as always and my appointment was right on time with Dr. Sato. Never had a bad experience at their office. Probably why I keep coming back! But seriously I grew up with dentists in my immediate family, and this office is one of the best I’ve seen. True professionals.
Brian Luchini
23:07 10 Aug 21
This place is great. You must go and all the workers are so nice and fun. Great place
Al Feeze
00:22 10 Aug 21
Friendly—and very thorough. Good at explaining what’s going on, too.
Dell Richards
18:03 04 Aug 21
Best in the business and really nice people!
Always the sweetest people patient and kind… highly recommended!!!
Brandy Rosales
23:52 02 Aug 21
Very kind, clean, nice staff and office centrally located. Thoroughly examined me with the $96 yearly initial visit. The payment plan is very helpful too.
Jessica Moore
20:51 13 Jul 21
Very capable and friendly staff and practitioners. The doc is a very clear communicator and his repair work has held up well thus far. I don't always go with the work he recommends, but not for lack of trusting that he is making the right professional recommendation. He lays out the options, give you his recommendation, then fully respects your informed decision. I like that I can trust I'm getting his very best effort regardless. The assistants and hygienists are equally great and keep my 8yo son and I in great shape.
Kyle Lehner
19:17 09 Jul 21
Tawanda Tillman
18:50 03 Jul 21
I dont feel comfortable going there anymore!! People are mean and no respects for patients! Receptionists needs to work on their attitudes! They only look after your money thats it! I think I’m done:)
yasamin rezaei
03:00 30 Jun 21
Kayla Daniel
02:55 30 Jun 21
The Smile Doctor team is great!They were responsive and communicative before and during the appointment, and even managed to squeeze me in for an immediate cleaning and filling the same day because I let them know my insurance was dropping.Thanks again, team!
Lisa Petterson
18:38 29 Jun 21
Diamondz Tricia Taylor
21:31 07 Jun 21

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